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Nämä Hilti-työntekijät vastaavat tarkalleen valintojasi. He vastaavat valintojasi uratasoltaan, osastoltaan ja pääominaisuuksiltaan.


IT, Software, Digital Solutions
Mathematics & Informational Systems Management
I have had the opportunity to grow both my technical and soft skills through the numerous trainings provided by Hilti and through outside agencies.


Digital Marketing Project Manager
Digtial Unit
Plano, TX, USA

Profiilin yhteenveto

During my last semester in grad school, I had numerous job offers with quite renowned companies. However, I chose Hilti to be my first job out of school.  It was hard for me to leave my hometown of Pittsburgh to move to Dallas, Texas, but I knew I would be ok as I felt the warmth and caring culture during my onsite interview.  To this day, it is the people on my team, floor and throughout the building that keeps me happy at Hilti.  I have been impressed with the willingness of people wanting to help me understand the construction industry, our customers, and best practices. 
One of my first responsibility was helping grow my team here in the Plano location.  My third day at work, I was sitting on the other side of the interview table with my boss assessing potential candidates for our team.  I was shocked by how accepting my manager was of my opinion on candidates – even when we might have disagreed.  Another responsibility of mine is to improve the way my team works – moving towards a more agile methodology.
I was very surprised within the first three months of starting my job, since I had two conversations with my team leader about my future at Hilti, including the professional development I would need to be successful.  Due to these conversations that has happened numerous times throughout the year, I become certified in SCRUM Master and Product Owner with the Scrum Alliance.  This certification has helped me preform my tasks better as a product owner and has open my network outside of Hilti.

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Nämä Hilti-työntekijät vastaavat osasto- ja uratasovalintojasi, mutta he poikkeavat pääominaisuuksiltaan.


IT, Software, Digital Solutions


IT, Software, Digital Solutions

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Nämä Hilti-työntekijät vastaavat osasto- ja ominaisuusvalintojasi, mutta he toimivat ylemmällä tasolla.


IT, Software, Digital Solutions


IT, Software, Digital Solutions