Oletko kiinnostunut tietämään, millainen urakehityksesi voi olla yhtiössämme? Tuemme sinua koko urakehityksesi aikana olivat tavoitteesi mitkä tahansa.


Välineemme avulla saat tietoa työntekijöidemme erilaisista urakokemuksista ja yhtiömme tarjoamista uramahdollisuuksista.


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Nämä Hilti-työntekijät vastaavat tarkalleen valintojasi. He vastaavat valintojasi uratasoltaan, osastoltaan ja pääominaisuuksiltaan.


IT, Software, Digital Solutions
Marketing in Arts and Culture
Learning from great people but also teaching your colleagues new things, finding a friendly face and having great and inspiring conversations – that is what you will most definitely find at Hilti! Plus have great laughs along the way!


Global Social Media Manager
Global Digital Unit
Kaufering, Germany

Profiilin yhteenveto

After working in Advertising industry for almost 10 years, I decided to switch from the agency to the client side.
I did not know much about the construction industry, but was instantly drawn to entering a completely new field where I had to catch up quickly and learn new things, which is exactly what I find challenging, and love about my job!
During the interview process, I talked to a lot of Hilti people, and they all shared one thing – passion for the company they work in, and for the people surrounding them. It is extraordinary to find that majority of people have stayed in the company for a very long time, cared so much for their colleagues and maintained a great “work-life balance”, which isn’t always easy.
Great thing about being part of the Global Digital Unit in my case, is that I work with a group of dynamic and international colleagues: we clicked instantly – which means we joke, buffer the stress and get things done in a fantastic atmosphere – and you do not find in other places!. But in Hilti we do – we work hard but then laugh even harder – and that is the atmosphere and ambience that makes every working day better.

In a nutshell – this is a place where differences are valued and welcome, where everyone brings a fresh perspective to the table, and where you do get a chance to fulfil your potential and do what you are best at. 

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Nämä Hilti-työntekijät vastaavat osasto- ja uratasovalintojasi, mutta he poikkeavat pääominaisuuksiltaan.


IT, Software, Digital Solutions


IT, Software, Digital Solutions

Toissijaiset tulokset

Nämä Hilti-työntekijät vastaavat osasto- ja ominaisuusvalintojasi, mutta he toimivat ylemmällä tasolla.


IT, Software, Digital Solutions


IT, Software, Digital Solutions