Oletko kiinnostunut tietämään, millainen urakehityksesi voi olla yhtiössämme? Tuemme sinua koko urakehityksesi aikana olivat tavoitteesi mitkä tahansa.


Välineemme avulla saat tietoa työntekijöidemme erilaisista urakokemuksista ja yhtiömme tarjoamista uramahdollisuuksista.


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Nämä Hilti-työntekijät vastaavat tarkalleen valintojasi. He vastaavat valintojasi uratasoltaan, osastoltaan ja pääominaisuuksiltaan.


IT, Software, Digital Solutions
Applied Mathematics (PhD), Management
The management team is totally transparent in explaining Hilti’s strategy and rationale. As someone who performs better with the bigger picture in mind, I find this very motivating. I can’t just execute something in the corner without knowing the end goal, so I think Hilti gets this right.


Head Software Product Management
Global Application Software, Digital Space
Schaan, Liechtenstein
Team Lead Application Software
Global Application Software, Digital Space
Schaan, Liechtenstein
Project Manager
Global Application Software, Digital Space
Schaan, Liechtenstein
R&D Specialist
Corporate Research & Technology, R&D
Schaan, Liechtenstein

Profiilin yhteenveto

I’ve been at Hilti for 15 years, the whole time in head office, but always doing something new. I arrived with a PhD in maths to do simulation engineering in corporate research and technology. This means simulating a product virtually, so you develop it on a computer before building it in the flesh.
I then moved into the area of customer application software, which was a very small team at the time. This was the start of an exciting journey, growing the number of software applications from three to more than 15, and team members from four to over 40. Starting as a project manager, I was promoted to leading the small team. It meant playing a critical role in defining the overall software strategy for Hilti in 2015, and now I’m part of the leadership team of the newly created business unit, Application Software.
Hilti offers a huge variety of internal and external training. I’ve done several internal management training programs, as well as external management and leadership courses. You also get ongoing coaching from your manager and other senior leaders. There’s a really supportive culture to continuously grow and devleop.

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Nämä Hilti-työntekijät vastaavat osasto- ja uratasovalintojasi, mutta he poikkeavat pääominaisuuksiltaan.


IT, Software, Digital Solutions


IT, Software, Digital Solutions